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Jojo's Loft of Southern California USA

The Original Jojo's Loft in the USA

My name is Jose "JOJO" Crisostomo  my friend calls me Jojo , I started  racing pigeons when I was 7 years old in the Philippines, my family move to US in 1975 in the east coast and  in  1980 we moved to California .  I joined the US Army for 3 years, when I got out of the  Army in 1988,  I started  flying pigeons  while living in Bellflower, CA under the loft name Jojo's Loft.  I met John Womack at his pet store TIKI's Tropical Fish, where he introduced me to John Enke , and Ron Henson .   Thanks to John Womack, John Enke and Ron Henson for taking me under their wings and teaching me how to fly and compete competitively in this exciting sport of racing pigeon .   My Foundation Hen  I bred from a hen I borrowed from Ron Henson , A daughter of the Smash Hen and bred to produced    AU 1995 USA 50429  a blue bar hen mated to  My Foundation Cock  a bird we bought from Gus Staf Van Reet "Dark Tom" Dark Check Cock  90 BELG 6710919  This pair has bred me  and others clubs and combine winners, special races winner  e1st Beijing Classic, 1st place Foothill Classic, Snowbird futurity, and their off springs has bred multiple winners as well.  In 2006 Jojosloft and TJ's Loft entered  a hen "Compton Sexy Girl", she  was 2nd Grand Average Speed in South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race.. a granddaughter of this pair mated to Mexican Janssen - bekeart  .

Jojo's Loft of Southern California is the original Jojo's loft in the USA.

I held numerous positions in club and combine level, flying out of Compton Club, Bellflower Club and Sportsman Combine.  I have put together  Two Prestigious races in 2006 and 2012 AU Convention & Race, as  the Convention Chairman on both AU Convention.  I have made new friends all over the country, recently Albert & Francine Derwa, Jelle Roziers, Dr. Boctha, and many more.  The Sports of pigeon racing is truly a class by Itself.  I have not flown pigeon since 2002, I purchased a new house in Fullerton in 2003,   After the 2006 AU Convention I took a few years off.  I recently just got back in Racing Pigeons in 2010  with a few birds to bred out off , I am very happy of the out come.  I am not a loft with hundreds of breeder to bred.   I bred out of a small loft  5 by 6 foot loft enough for 6 pairs of breeders and I have a rabbit hatch for two pairs of pumper.  My birds are of Quality and not Quantity, the health of my birds are my number one priority.  Healthy breeders produce healthy offsprings. 

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The Loft is 5.5 feet by 5 feet  and has 6 breeding compartment and a new extension of 4 feet by 5 feet for another 4 breeding compartment




              The Mating Season starts by turning the lights on for 24 hours in December 1st  2 to 3 weeks before I mate the birds and the light stays open till May 1st. 

              I use two  8 watts florescent light  which is sufficient for a small loft like mine... one for each side of the loft.


The Original Jojo's Loft in the USA

A Class by Itself